Tips – Portfolio is King

For any designer its really important that you understand portfolio is king – it is the most important part of any submission – don’t make it difficult for people to look at you’re work, we have noticed recently for example on CV’s simple stuff like the portfolio link is not hyperlinked so you cant just click on it or you cant copy and paste it into a browser for viewing so that the only way to look at the examples is to write down the link then type it into a browser (no one is going to do that)  or some people have started putting examples of work on Instagram, you are then relying on who ever is reviewing the portfolio to have an Instagram account which they wont because the people reviewing portfolios are not kids and a lot wont have that sort of thing so what happens is………. they don’t bother looking – they just delete the application, best option is 5 or 6 examples on a PDF –  this is the best way to showcase just a small taster of work , remember you don’t need to show everything, leave some examples for the interview – or if you have link, website etc.. then fine but make it easy to find and clickable – give yourself the best chance of getting an interview and make sure looking at your work is an easy process.  Portfolio is King – its your window – make sure its not hard to open it


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