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  • Untouchable

    Beautiful film – its called Untouchable on Netflix but the original title was the intouchables, feel good movie but also […]

  • Mare of Easttown

    A small hidden gem , on sky – 7 episodes and one of the best shows that Kate Winslet has […]

  • The Last Duel

    Best film for ages – really interesting story – set in the 1300’s, really good battle scenes – was a […]

  • Stuff – Philomena

    Based on a true story, a devastating story – starring Judy Dench who is great and Steve Coogan who is […]

  • Stuff – Gone Baby Gone

    top 10 film ever this – got a real twist to it which comes to a head at the end […]

  • Stuff – Manchester by the Sea

    heartbreaking but amazing – Casey Affleck is good in everything and he is really good in this – also Lucas […]

  • Stuff – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good Fantastic really easy to watch but something really different – great acting all round , on netflix at […]

  • Stuff – Ted Lasso

    Good – not great but good and very easy watching – on Apple TV, you can get a free trial […]

  • Stuff – Wayne

    Started life on you tube like Cobra Kai , just 1 season at the moment but basically 10 episodes of […]

  • Stuff – Call My Agent!

    Not amazing but really easy watching and certainly something a bit different – set around a talent agency in Paris […]

  • Stuff – Spotless

    On Netflix – completely original, really good – you may recognise a few faces but fairly unknown actors , Just […]

  • Stuff – Startup

    watched this on prime – very different, really good – has a bit of everything, violence, comedy, drugs, current affairs […]

  • Stuff – Catastrophe

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Good , Im goner say it – Better then Gavin and Stacy ! I know – you might be […]

  • Tips – Catch up

    If you are a freelancer make sure you catch up with your contacts weekly – a good time to get […]

  • Tips – Link it

    Have had a number of applications through with a portfolio link that does not link itself to the world wide […]

  • Stuff – Narcos

    If you have not already you must watch Narcos on Netflix absolutely outstanding – cracking very unknown cast certainly for […]

  • Stuff – Pirates of the Caribbean

    Bit cheesy maybe, you might think but with another lockdown on the horizon – these 5 films are a great […]

  • Stuff – The Way Back

    Watched this on prime recently, £4.99 to rent – guess is now on sky for free Good it was, possibly […]

  • Tips – Freelancers

    Freelancers – work is coming slowly but its coming, really good idea to let us know if you are going […]

  • Stuff – Spotlight

    don’t know if you have a top ten list but this will certainly be on it once you have watched […]

  • Stuff – The Morning Show

    Apple TVs flagship show – may have peeked too early for Apple this, but like four weddings for Hugh Grant, […]

  • Stuff – Gomorrah

    Take the Sopranos and add Narcos then sprinkle with a tiny bit of the Godfather along with a handful of […]

  • Stuff – Family Business

    Every now and then you catch a corker and this is one of those, please make sure that you don’t […]

  • Stuff – giri haji

    On Netflix – outstanding little mini series – 8 episodes, Kelly Macdonald who is great in everything – Boardwalk Empire, […]

  • Tips – Portfolio is King

    For any designer its really important that you understand portfolio is king – it is the most important part of […]

  • Tips – Skill icons on your CV

    Popular at the moment seems to be to add skill icons to the CV – guess it makes the CV […]

  • Stuff – Cobra Kai

    2 seasons so far but the promise of a 3rd – I really hope so because this is great – […]

  • Tips – information you should have on your CV

    Getting a lot of applications in at the moment and that’s great but a lot of general information being left […]

  • Stuff – Tenet

    Went to see Tenet last night , hard work – great effects but you need to really concentrate, long film […]

  • Tips – Putting your Photo on your CV

    You don’t need to put your photo on your CV,  would actually say that you would be better leaving it […]

  • Stuff – being Frank Sidebottom

    watched a documentary last night on Sky called Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story, don’t know if you are old enough […]

  • Stuff – Babyteeth

    Went to see this last night – not a lot to watch at the pictures at the moment but this […]

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